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Changing The Past
Chapter 4: Mortal Kombat all over again

Three Years Ago

Johnny Cage landed on his head and rolled over. He sat up rubbing his head. His luggage was standing by him, all 13 bags. He looked in his hands and saw his old, favorite pair of sunglasses that were supposed to be destroyed by Goro. He was awaiting the arrival of the old dragon boat that was going to take him to Mortal Kombat And to Sonya he thought. He hoped Kano wasnít hurting her. He would do anything to keep her from being harmed. Suddenly someone tapped on his shoulder. He turned around and saw the man with black hair and dark green eyes who he now recognized as Eric.

"Excuse me, have you seen somebody who looks like this hanging around here?" Eric held up a picture of Kano.

"No I havenít seen him. Why is he your long lost brother or something?" Johnny Cage had to at least pretend to be just meeting this man.

"Not really he kidnapped my fiance and Iím trying to find her." The man extended his hand. Johnny smiled and shook hands with him. "Iím Eric."

"Iím Johnny Cage." Eric looked at him in disbelief.

"Nah shit I thought I recognized you! Youíre a famous movie star arenít you? My partner, Jax, is your biggest fan. I am too." Johnny couldnít believe that Sonyaís fiance had been a fan of his.

"So, uh, are you going to be in the tournament?" he asked, changing the subject.

"I hear that Kano is, and I have to do anything to get Sonya back." He looked sad.

"Sonya? Is that your fiance?" Johnny asked, once again playing dumb.

"Yeah. Itís all my fault that she got captured."

"Hey maybe I could help you find her." Johnny offered. Eric gave him a grateful look. They turned to face the foaming sea where a trashy boat was appearing.

"Oh my god!" Eric said with a grin. "Itís the Titanic after it sank!" Johnny laughed.

"Well it looks that way." He looked down at his luggage and grimaced. "Hey do you think you could help me carry this stuff?"

"Yeah sure." They picked up some of the luggage, but there was still to many for the both of them.

"Johnny! There you are! Need help with those?" Johnny looked up and saw Liu Kang running towards them. Johnny remember he was supposed to have met him a few hours ago.

"Yeah sure. Liu this is Eric, Eric this is Liu. Liu, Eric is trying to find his fiance who was kidnapped by some guy named Kano. I offered to help" Liu leaned down to pick up a bunch of the suitcases, meanwhile looking at Eric sympathetically.

"Hey donít worry Iím sure youíll find her. Maybe I can help." Eric thanked them as they began their climb up the ramp onto the deck of the boat. The carried the luggage to Johnnyís cabin, where they set it down on his bed.

"You guys donít mind looking around for Sonya, do you?" he pulled out a picture of her and showed it to them. "This is what she looks like." He handed the picture to Liu.

"Yeah letís split up, Iím sure we could find her."

Sonya struggled against the nylon cords that held her tied to the chair in the small cabin. Kano laughed at her rather feeble attempts.

"Youíre not gonna get out that way. These cords can only be broken or untied with a knife." Sonya glared at him and tried to say "go to hell" through the gag.

"Just sit back and relax. Donít worry, if youíre good them Iím sure Mr. Tsung wonít harm you. I canít say the same thing about me." He pulled out a knife and put it to her throat.

"Kano! Stop terrorizing the poor young lady. Youíre lucky I even let you keep her in your cabin." Shang Tsung stood in the room, where once there had been nothing. Sonya recognized him and only struggled harder.

"Ahh Tsung, I was just playing around with her!! Iím bored, and I canít help it." Kano put the knife away. "Well Iíll leave you two alone. I hear that wimp, Eric is onboard and Iím gonna go take care of him." Sonya recognized the word Eric and looked at Kano. Heís alive she thought happily. Kano walked out and slammed the door, leaving Shang Tsung and Sonya alone. Shang Tsung started running his fingers through her long golden hair.

"My what a beauty you are. I apologize for the rather poor living conditions youíre in, but once we reach the island Iíll make you happier." She closed her eyes for a minute, and then opened them again. If looks could kill, Shang Tsung would be a pile of bones. Laughter glimmered in his eyes.

"I admire your stubborness. But if you cease to resist, then things will be much better for you." He promised. She ignored him. "He grabbed her chin and leaned in closer to her. He kissed her, just a small kiss, but she still felt the anger running through her veins. "We should reach my island tomorrow. I asked my guards to be gentle when they escort you to your sleeping quarters." He ignored the knives in her eyes and disappeared, leaving her alone in the darkness.

I donít thing so, Mr. Tsung. If it takes me years Iíll escape. So you better be prepared for the fight of a lifetime.